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jatmister 2013年4月3日上午8:02
will this ever be available for OSX 10.8
and why does it not work on 10.8?
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simon 2013年4月4日下午1:35 
I've got it working on my Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion. I just downloaded and ran it from Steam.
jatmister 2013年4月7日上午6:26 
mine crashes before i can start the first level!
Kuhaa 2013年4月7日上午10:21 
I don't know the exact technical details that cause the game not to work but in a nutshell, SMB for Mac was released on November 2011 whereas OSX 10.8 came out on July 2012. Porting the game to Mac was apparently a massive pain in the ♥♥♥, and Tommy has said that he couldn't come back to it even if he wanted to. Which, when put that way, kind of implies that he doesn't.
Leonard 2013年4月9日下午1:52 
i tried it too and it works fine ecept it runs a bit slow and in window mode but you can fix that
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