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why? 2013年3月29日 22時08分
is SMB working?
grr I bought this game a while ago and an error keeps popping up just as the screen goes black. and reading these newer enteries, it starts right off the bat. i thought "maybe I should re-download it and see if its fix" and it still does the same thing. does anyone have an idea why it does this?
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Zorg 2013年3月30日 6時58分 
try -windowed
somnolentsurfer 2013年3月30日 9時14分 
What version are you playing? What are your specs?
imthatguy 2013年3月31日 2時39分 
just change launch options to windowed worked for me
why? 2013年4月3日 18時12分 
I have tried the windowed option but it still gives me the error message
[TAW] johnsoma 2013年4月6日 15時12分 
I haven't had any problems with this, go figure. I use a Mac OSX, windowed
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Super Meat Boy > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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