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Is this a very entertaining game?
And does it work fine to use keyboard to play?
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Yeah, the keyboard is absolutely great to use for SMB
It is infuriatingly entertaining, i think would be the best way to describe it
Zorg 2013年3月30日 6時56分 
I think you should check it out.
madsen 2013年3月30日 16時57分 
Nope. It's horribly dull. The 210 hours I've spent on it would have been better spent staring into a wall. </sarcasm>
I took the dive and bought this game because platformers are fun to play, especially with having an addiction to having to beat my fastest time in a level (in such a masochistic game haha) to try to get that extra fraction of a second posted. Also the fact that you can play as other characters in levels which do play differently from one another (which i've only unlocked one since i've started) so it keeps things fresh.

I really enjoy the game, and at times I do laugh and my deaths because you can't let it get to you and you learn from your mistakes.

I haven't tried the KB+M combo since i have a game-pad for my laptop, so I can't really judge on that.
best game ever, its soooo fustrating but you cant put it down, great fun!!
It's a must have for any platformer lover. Works fine with a keyboard yeah as long as you remap the controls. Default controls are awful.
this game is incredibly hard, but very responsive and very fun. There comes a point where dying over and over again becomes entertaining and less frustrating
dead 2013年4月6日 17時09分 
Very Addicting yet if you think you got it all figured out then you reach the Hospital (World 2) after you completed The Forest, then that's when it starts to get as tough as nails. Very fun indeed yet I find it harder to play on a keyboard but i personally love keyboards and gamepads alike.
it is good but I prefer connecting my xbox controller to my pc to play it
You're calling the hospital tough as nails? I got the dark ending and I ripped out half of my hair
ETN 2013年5月21日 10時35分 
Yeah, it's entertaining, in a different kind of way...
Red 2013年5月21日 21時30分 
The frustation of failing is overcome by the quick retry. This is very entertaining.
Yes, it is very entertaining, but, as other comments said, it is very hard. It is frusterating, but is very fun. (I know i spelled frusterating wrong.)
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1-15 / 17 のコメントを表示
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