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TheGoonKing 2013년 3월 24일 오전 11시 13분
Hi i JUST downloaded the Super MEat Boy, but eveyrtime i start the game the game screen turns black. I can hear the music and all that, but i cannot see or play the game at all. What can i do?
P.S. I tried to restarting the copmuter and redownloading the game.
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Sasuke Uchiha 2013년 10월 12일 오후 1시 55분 
same here
Zian | What happend to train? 2013년 10월 13일 오전 3시 45분 
same problem here, but worked fine until i changed the screen resolutions :(
ColaManne69 2014년 11월 20일 오전 11시 21분 
Same problem here.
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