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TheGoonKing 24/mar/2013 às 11:13
Hi i JUST downloaded the Super MEat Boy, but eveyrtime i start the game the game screen turns black. I can hear the music and all that, but i cannot see or play the game at all. What can i do?
P.S. I tried to restarting the copmuter and redownloading the game.
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Sasuke Uchiha 12/out/2013 às 13:55 
same here
Zian | What happend to train? 13/out/2013 às 3:45 
same problem here, but worked fine until i changed the screen resolutions :(
ColaManne69 20/nov/2014 às 11:21 
Same problem here.
KARPEHMCSWAGGERSON 22 de abr às 6:56 
go to library -> right click super meat boy -> properties -> general -> set launch options... -> copy and paste this into it -> -windowed -1920x1080 -highdetail <- change the details to -lowdetail or -mediumdetail if required and it should be fine

(I know you've probably fixed it by now but just in case.)
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