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O_____O 2013年3月22日上午11:28
Game running to fast error
When i try to play the game, every animation/storyline goes waaaaaaaaaay to fast
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O_____O 2013年3月22日上午11:34 
The sound also goes to fast
-PuRe-Killtron5000#GG 2013年3月22日下午3:16 
I am getting the same thing and very unresponsive jumping
O_____O 2013年3月22日下午3:40 
Glad i'm not the only one having this problem :P
NMI-GIZMO 2013年3月23日上午8:56 
try to enable vsync ... worked for me
morris.brian4 2013年3月23日上午9:37 
Wish I had this problem, game crashes at start-up for me....
O_____O 2013年3月23日下午1:03 
The vsync thingie worked for me
CoNeJo 2013年3月23日下午7:10 
ZePartyPooper 2013年3月25日下午7:28 
im happy it's not just me! I contacted steam support and now I just have to waaaaiiit.... prey with me brothers and sister
DoubleCore 2013年3月27日上午5:44 
Play the game on windowed mode and it works like it should be.
Cyborg Pestilence Lord 2013年3月28日上午9:25 
made it to c.h.a.d before i figured out it was a bug.cannot believe i managed to defeat the first boss with this!(i mean i heard the game was hard but still...) chad is impossible thou...
Lugalias 2013年4月13日上午9:45 
This happened to me, but I found that playing it in windowed fixed the problem.
RK Cola 2013年6月19日上午7:28 
Playing it windowed or with V-Sync on does not work for me. Can't play it properly at all.
NoVa(Rotora) 2013年6月20日上午4:29 
Use Vsync, or if you don't like Vsync, cap your framerate with a Program like Dxtory to 60fps.

As for me, I have to run the game in a Window at 30fps since fullscreen makes my monitor run at 60Hz instead of what I have the Monitor overclocked to (118Hz). Need to find a workaround.
DJ Tortango 2013年8月26日下午3:49 
I forced Vsync in the Nvidia Control Panel and that worked for me. Possible fix if you have an Nvidia card.
... 2013年9月10日上午8:02 
Forcing Vsync and running it windowed didn't work for me, any other ideas?
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