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Masqurade4927 2013년 3월 21일 오후 5시 06분
Black Screen Error
Whenever I start the game all I get is a black screen, I can hear the levels playing and I can move around but I cant see anything!
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boombox 2013년 3월 23일 오전 5시 07분 
Having a simiilar issue, I think has something to do wih the games resolution being incorrect, but i can not see anything t change it, any help would be appreciated thanks
boombox 2013년 3월 23일 오전 5시 11분 
Came across this worked for me
go to library -> right click super meat boy -> properties -> general -> set launch options... -> copy and paste this into it -> -windowed -1920x1080 -highdetail <- change the details to -lowdetail or -mediumdetail if required and it should be fine
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