Super Meat Boy
World Ranking. Wich are the criterion, the yardstick to get points?
Hi, im playing SMB and i was looking at the profile of the numer one world wide player, i dunno if im doing something wrong, but that guy doesn´t have all the achivement by far unlocked. So i was wondering wich are the criterions to get points and go up in the world ranking.
Thanks a lot!
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kri145 Oct 18, 2013 @ 8:33am 
Most of the achievements haven't got anything to do with the leaderboards. Your place on the leaderboards is based on the amount of levels you completed and the time you needed to finish them. Most of the achevements however are based on unlocking new characters by collecting bandages, which don't matter on the leaderboards and by completing entire worlds without dying. So the top guy probably doesn't like collecting bandages and hasn't put in the effort to complete worlds without dying. That's why it's possible he is so high on the leaderboards without having a lot of achievements.
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Thanks for your answer, Kri145. I was checkin´and its seems also that some guys beated levels in 0 seconds for a bad programing issue. So the Leaderboards have no value, aren´t they? I have a lot of fun trying to make the levels more quickly, but whit those flaws the rankings are a total lie! And its a shame that they never repaired the problem.
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