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Turkeydipking 6 nov 2013, ore 15:00
Warp Zones Mac Crashes
The game crashes and shuts down very often when entering a Warp Zone.
Ive never had the Warp Zone successfully launch from the world map, it works occasionally when starting it from the level connected to the warp zone.
The sound "WARP ZONEEE" and the animation play, but as soon as the screen is black it crashes
This is on a Mac running OS X Mavericks. Anyone else with this problem/knows how to fix it?
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VoodooVince 12 nov 2013, ore 14:33 
I have a Mac running Montain Lion and I have a crash when I try to launch the 5-20x Warp Zone...
icculus  [sviluppatore] 16 nov 2013, ore 23:29 
I just pushed a fix for this, let me know if it works better once Steam updates the game.
Turkeydipking 17 nov 2013, ore 12:52 
Great works like a charm! Thank you so much for the fix!
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