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Warp Zones Mac Crashes
The game crashes and shuts down very often when entering a Warp Zone.
Ive never had the Warp Zone successfully launch from the world map, it works occasionally when starting it from the level connected to the warp zone.
The sound "WARP ZONEEE" and the animation play, but as soon as the screen is black it crashes
This is on a Mac running OS X Mavericks. Anyone else with this problem/knows how to fix it?
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VoodooVince 12. nov 2013 kl. 14:33 
I have a Mac running Montain Lion and I have a crash when I try to launch the 5-20x Warp Zone...
icculus 16. nov 2013 kl. 23:29 
I just pushed a fix for this, let me know if it works better once Steam updates the game.
Great works like a charm! Thank you so much for the fix!
Sonnyjune98 30. dec 2014 kl. 13:43 
I just got the game, and the Warp Zones are still crashing the game on my Mac. Is there something I need to do, or is the bug still not fixed properly? I have seen other users that are still reporting the same problem after nearly a year later.
Jakhart 22. jun 2015 kl. 7:57 
It is a old topic but I have tthe same issues, anyone knows how to fix it ?
Sonnyjune98 22. jun 2015 kl. 8:28 
My Mac is older, and cannot update past 10.6.8, and the game states that it has been tested for Macs 10.7 and up. So you may have to check to see what version your Mac is and see if it is updated. Not sure of any other solutions.
The Festive Potato 22. jun 2015 kl. 10:21 
Well this got necroed
The real biscuit 23. jun 2015 kl. 3:28 
ahahha next time don't buy apple garbages
Sonnyjune98 23. jun 2015 kl. 10:06 
If you are referring to old Macs, then you may be right, but mine works flawlessly, and it's only a Mac Mini. My Mac is like 10 years old, and it still works better than every PC I've ever owned. If you are referring to all Macs or Apple products in general, then you are totally wrong. A Mac will last 3x longer than most PC's, and you will never catch a virus on a Mac haha. I will never return to PC's. Also, don't share your opinion about products that you obviously have never owned.
Sonnyjune98 23. jun 2015 kl. 10:18 
But for the sake of preventing a pointless Mac vs PC war, I would say that this thread is void. It hasn't been answered, and has been sitting around since 2013...
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