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Coolumbus 2013年11月5日 11時43分
Worth my iron ?
Why is this game so good ? Game description didn´t tell me much.
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Breadfish 2013年11月5日 11時48分 
It is extremely satisfying and addicting. Also has that witty black humor from the almighty Edmund Mcmillen. However, this game can be so frustrating that you will literally scream at the screen. Definitely worth it though.
Leonard 2013年11月5日 11時48分 
it is really great but hard but not in a way that you want to rage quite(at least most of the time)
it is IMO one of the best indie games(but who cares about my opinion)
Chip 2013年11月5日 12時17分 
Trading Civilization V for this game
Virus4U 2013年11月5日 12時44分 
Everyone know that you could get Civ 5 for free during The Golden Joystick
Leonard 2013年11月5日 13時05分 
Coolumbus 2013年11月5日 13時13分 
Different discusion a little bit, huh ?
MekaKamiyama 2013年11月5日 13時40分 
It's very challenging and if you overcome those challenges very satisfying. Some combinations of jumping and wall kicking will seem sadistic. It gets you into a loop of repeated failures and wanting to try one last time. 30 deaths later you finally got it. It's still fun and it gets addicting. I love the chiptune music also.
Nugget 2013年11月5日 14時46分 
The music is awesome, the gameplay is addictive and incredibly frustrating (in a good way). Also many people prefer playing SMB with a gamepad as it is a little more precise for this type of game, absolutely worth every penny.
damnusername 2013年11月5日 15時05分 
watch rage quit super meat boy
Freero warrior 2013年11月5日 16時32分 
Love the difficulty of this game
KoWeN | DayZ 2013年11月5日 16時34分 
Simply, best platform game ever. Use a gamepad, save your brain.
ezwip 2013年11月5日 16時52分 
The game will purposely punish anyone that tries it with a keyboard. Don't put yourself through that.
damnusername 2013年11月5日 17時22分 
ezwip の投稿を引用:
The game will purposely punish anyone that tries it with a keyboard. Don't put yourself through that.

chalenge accepted.

never mind, aperently the game hates my guts
最近の変更はdamnusernameが行いました; 2013年11月5日 17時25分
brainspiral 2013年11月5日 17時35分 
i love this game! you can pick it up time after time and it never gets old
sfiq12 2013年11月5日 22時51分 
It's only 2.99
Get it while you can and enjoy the ride :D
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