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dcdd4 2013年11月3日 17時02分
Super Meat Boy Retro Game References
OK, I noticed a couple of nods to older games in Super Meat Boy: specifically, Castlevania in the intro to The Hospital; and Ninja Gaiden (I think) in the intro to Hell. Has anyone else spotted references to other games in there? Not including the unlockable characters of course.
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1337Walrus 2013年11月3日 22時25分 
I believe The End's opening is a reference to Pokemon Blue.
The Salt Factory's opening is a reference to the Adventure of Lolo 3, iirc
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Leonard 2013年11月4日 4時15分 
the forest intro is from street fighter (as far as i know)
E3kHatena 2013年11月5日 13時23分 
The minus worlds are a reference to a bug in the original Super Mario Bros. One of the levels in Hell is based on Donkey Kong. Not to mention all the guest characters, including Braid's Tim, The player character from Minecraft, and a Headcrab.
Leo Da Skrub 2013年11月5日 13時26分 
is super meat boy a good game?
Leonard 2013年11月5日 13時44分 
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