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The Frying Dutch Pan 2013年11月2日 5時23分
Hate crime!
The person who made The Guy warpzone should get lifetime because of it being so hard and yet want you to make it.
It's a hate crime against humanity for making the skyscraper level and the guy warp zone.
And Team meat: A spike/triangle needs a triangle death block, not an rectangle schape.
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TheeTriforceofPain 2013年11月2日 6時18分 
its so hard but you just have to keep trying and trying, i spent almost 3 hours and no luck so im over it
1337Walrus 2013年11月3日 22時26分 
Coming from someone who's personally unlocked him, the hardest level is level 1. Level 2 is challenging, but a glitch can severely reduce the difficulty of it. Level 3, the only thing I can say is to pratice a lot.
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