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Vega Wolfe 2013년 11월 19일 오후 2시 57분
Super Meat Boy wont work offline!
so i wanted to play super meat boy on the train (which has no wifi) i start steam in offline mode and when i play super meat boy the screen starts up shows the xbox controller than a notification pops up saying super meat boy is not responding! i come home try the game again connected to the internet and it works perfectly. anyone else had this problem or knows a solution?
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icculus 2013년 11월 19일 오후 5시 28분 
It doesn't need a network connection, but it _does_ try to talk to the Super Meat World servers at startup, and hangs for awhile until it gives up. If you wait for awhile, eventually the game will come back up with an "SQL Error" and then play normally; don't go to Super Meat World, though, obviously.

(We fixed this on Mac and Linux to not talk to the Meat World servers on startup, but the Windows version still does, unfortunately.)

Vega Wolfe 2013년 11월 23일 오전 11시 22분 
Thank you!
ReFracture 2014년 1월 1일 오후 10시 54분 
I know this is old but I want to throw out there that if you disable all your network adapters Super Meat Boy will only hang for a couple of seconds, as Windows will quickly tell it kindly that it will be getting nowhere network-wise.
bagelsan 2014년 1월 1일 오후 11시 34분 
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