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Best Character
Whats is the best Character to play?
i think tath is Ogmo
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Ogmo because he's SO helpful in certain stages. Wether it's beating it or getting a bandage.
hey,you stole my profile pic XD
you even have the same profile background,it's getting stranger and stranger
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and you like super meat boy,the binding of isaac and TF2 like me
Leonard 2013年11月17日 10時17分 
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in which contry do you live in?
Leonard 2013年11月17日 10時25分 
Dmejd 2013年11月17日 13時58分 
bandage girl *.*
Kuhaa 2013年11月18日 5時55分 
I like the unlockable Meat Boys. 8Bit Meat Boy is probably my favorite. That or 4Color, I can't really decide.
Meat boy !!!!!!!!!!!!
I rarely use anyone otehr than the magic meat from meat land
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