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dpc 2013. nov. 16. @ du. 5:57
No sound effects, just music. (Linux; Fedora 19 x64)
So, yeah. I need to use:


to launch steam (otherwise SMB will not start). But even then, there are a lot of missing game effects. Music seem to work find, but I can't hear any sound effects.
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Benjamin 2013. nov. 17. @ de. 12:48 
I've noticed something similar on my system (Arch 64). Sound effects will sometimes stop after a minute or so. If I move to a different stage, sound effects work again.
tramstheman 2013. nov. 17. @ de. 1:16 
i ahd the same thing and my sfx volume was just down. Check it in the options.
[Linux] SkiskiLive 2013. nov. 17. @ de. 3:38 
I'm also using Fedora 19 x64 and everything works fine now. I always had sound effects but after a while playing the game, they stopped and I only had music. But since a previous update, everything is great.

Do you have an error message on the terminal, or something like that ?
Benjamin 2013. nov. 17. @ de. 5:03 
You're right, last update seems to have fixed it for me. All good now!
dpc 2013. nov. 17. @ du. 2:30 
The sfx was set to 0. Thanks. :)
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