Super Meat Boy
Cap.Haddock Nov 7, 2013 @ 4:25am
Should I get this???
I like platformers, but i hate Mario because it just feels like a cluttered mess, with invisible blocks forcing you into spikes.
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Phelsarus'Beel Nov 7, 2013 @ 9:47am 
Depends on your view on the game

I say this right now this game is no walk in the park like the newer mario games this game will kick you in the guts and smacks you with a 2x4 while manicly laughting at you but there is nothing more fullfilling then completing a level you struggled for the last 30 minutes (yes this can happen)

But now to the game itself. The controlls are good but i suggest to use a controller (just controlls much smoother with a controller) but Keyboard should also work fine. The levels are small (some take not longer than 20 seconds) but the difficulty is pretty high since precision is one of the most important keys to win i level. Also just because levels are hard does not mean its not fun because even if you die you respawn directly back at the start and the levels don't have any big RNGs factors so if you screw up on the same part over and over you might want to try something else.

Also this game has a lot of unlockable stuff. Fist you have unlockable characters that you can earn in 2 ways. First you can unlock them by collecting bandages that are scatterd over the levels. The other way is to locate and beat the hidden warpzones in certaint levels that also unlock a new char. Then there are the so on called dark levels. Those are basicly harder versions of the normal levels that you unlock by beating the normal (or light world) level in a specific time. And last but not least there is an entire world you unlock by beating both light and dark levels (at least i remember seeing so never unlocked it since it is hard).

Also the soundtrack is amazing and i suggest to give it a listen

tldr:yes this game is good and more than worth the asking price but its hard as nails
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