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Angel Flash 2014年5月6日下午3:50
Easy Bandages?
Which maps can be easy to get bandages on?
最后由 Angel Flash 编辑于; 2014年5月6日下午4:12
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glass 2014年5月6日下午3:53 
haha, it will go into character select screen once you try to enter it.
you don't have any characters unlocked. :)
Angel Flash 2014年5月6日下午3:58 

Well, how about some easy bandage locations?
Sagittarius ❤ 2014年5月6日下午8:05 
Mostly the Forest. Sometimes the Hospital. Rarely the Salt Factory. Somewhat in Hell. NEVER IN RAPTURE.
Obsidian Destroyer 2014年5月7日上午4:33 
Lol, the easiest is the forest)
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