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Knife Apr 24, 2014 @ 1:45am
Dr. Fetus (Known Bug) [fixed]
I have a problem with the Dr. Fetus Boss battle. I know that i have read about this bug here on this forum, but for some reason i couldn't find it any more, so i just created another thread. (Oh god, before you tell me to: I used the search function :D)

Anyway. The problem is this: The level starts, everything is fine. But when the sawblades move, Fetus won't move on. He just glitches behind the sawblades. Does anybody know a fix for this?

EDIT:// Found the post again, it said some stuff about getting behind the sawblades. I am too bad to do this somehow, so i did the only other possible solution. Turned down the resolution and it works again.
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