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King Darío 2014年3月31日下午4:37
Tim unlokcing not working
outatime is what i tpye and then i select anyone.But its not working....
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Fredrikorex 2014年3月31日下午4:47 
I think you need to type it with all caps on.
King Darío 2014年3月31日下午5:07 
Still didnt work.Typed it with all caps and selected a charecter (meat boy) nouthing happend.
King Darío 2014年3月31日下午5:19 
Tried typing it in REALLY fast and wudda you know,crashed my game!
King Darío 2014年3月31日下午5:30 
Ands its not a question of my keyobard,I could unlock Tofu boy by typing in a code.
Cat Guard: Space Program 3 2014年4月5日下午8:22 
it's outtatime not outatime.
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