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Flower nose 2014年2月21日 23時58分
6-5 omega key fall
When i collect the key there and i slide down the left wall i cant jump to the right wall because i will keep hitting my head on the above saw.i am using a keyboard and i swear my very soul that i have used 100% perfect timing.I am tapping jump

can someone tell me exactly what they are doing on there controller/keyboard to pass this area
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Kuhaa 2014年2月22日 7時43分 
Hold Left when you jump off the wall to position yourself above and between the saw. Aim to hit the side of the ledge you collect the key from. You can try to just fall from there and manouver around the saws, but it's safer to go for the right side wall and repeat, only this time holding Right. I hope this helps, it works for me at least.
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