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Tortelloni 2月13日 20時16分
Game running too fast?
My NVidia Global VSync is set to Use the 3D Application setting, and Super Meat Boy is set to the same.
I've tried adjusting the resolution, running in windowed mode, and forcing VSync to run on all the time or to adaptive.
I'm out of ideas, what do you think?
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Tortelloni 2月13日 20時39分 
This includes gameplay, cutscenes, and all animations.
Tovenaaier 2月16日 15時49分 
Same bug happening for me, no idea why.
Tovenaaier 2月16日 15時52分 
Sorry, overread the vsync part. That fixed it for me.

最近の変更はTovenaaierが行いました; 2月16日 16時27分
Tortelloni 2月19日 15時16分 
It runs about twice as fast as I've seen in all videos, both Xbox and Steam.
Smoker MOTAFUCKER 4月11日 8時52分 
how do i activate v-sync?
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