Super Meat Boy
for all the pros who are playing with a gamepad
So I finished the white world a week ago with a keyboad and im going to spend more time on this great game.
Now I also got a xbox gamepad and I'm trying to figure out which works best. At the moment im better at this game with the keyboard and only the easier levels (world 1, world 2) are working fine with the gamepad for me.

To all the people who are very serious about this game and are using a gamepad:
Are you using the arrow keys or the stick and why?

My guess is that it's supposed to be played with the stick but my thumb gets tired pretty early.
Or maybe I should just stick with the keyboard :-(
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Bo_On Feb 5, 2014 @ 2:38am 
I use the d-pad on my controller(360). My problem with the stick is that i have a longer way, if i want change the direction of Meat Boy. I feel that im much faster with the d-pad. Just compare the way you need to do with the thumb on the stick and on the d-pad.

Originally posted by Chai:
IMO, just stick with what you play best with :).

100% agree, e.g. the world record in Super Meat Boy 106% was done with a keyboard. I think it really depends on the taste, the question is what is more difficult. When i played this game the first time it was very difficult for me to playing well, after i started playing with a controller i became fast much better. Now i cant imagine it in the slightest, how people even can play this game with a keyboard.
FriendlyPacifist Feb 5, 2014 @ 10:04am 
thanks for your input. I switched to controller (xbox 360) and d-pad now. The d-pad though feels a little cheap. I would say after a few hours of play I am now at least at the same level as with the keyboard (which is sadly not very good at the moment :-(. The moment i will have progressed so far in the game as you two have I will be completely satisfied.
The good point of the keyboard: It's more relaxing. Just leaning back in the chair and smashing buttons.
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pointless Feb 6, 2014 @ 9:28am 
Just stick to the keyboard. Gamepad gives no extra control.
Elvis II Feb 6, 2014 @ 11:03pm 
For some reason, I only feel comfortable playing platformers with a controller. Probably because I grew up playing NES and that's just how it feels best. Same reason I can only play FPS games with Keyboard+mouse... because that's the way I've always played them.

Any game with free-aiming, I must use KB+mouse, and any sidescrolling game, I must use gamepad... which means that twin-stick sidescrollers confuse and frighten me.
Personally i have played with the keyboard since i was 2. insincts dont carry over. it just doesnt happen. now. im not calling myself a pro either. i have kind of stopped. i will call myself decent at everything.
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