Super Meat Boy
Favourite / Least Favourite World?
Out of all playable worlds, which one did you enjoy and hate the most?

My personal favourite is probably the hospital.
It had a darker theme than any of the other worlds, and had really catchy music. The open areas, detailed background, horror-like design, and variation in scenery make it feel alive. It didn't have any overly-difficult portions, but never felt too easy either.
All in all, good them, and good design.
(EDIT: It also doesn't have any hazards that follow you)

I despised hell.
All levels looked essentially the same. But that is not my main issue. The eyes of hell got on my nerves a lot. They seemed nearly impossible to avoid and left everything up to chance. The boss fight is also probably one of the worst I have played in any video game, and the sliding gates before some levels ruined the pacing of the game.
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Sub-Zero Jun 14, 2014 @ 6:27am 
Favorite: Also the hospital for me. Both the light and dark variant were fun.
Hated: The Rapture. I utterly despise those air pushing emitters and the floating enemies. The boss was surprisingly easy though. The dark version has to be my personal SMB hell.
Spentcookiesman Jun 14, 2014 @ 8:57am 
Favourite: The salt factory.
The Dark world music is the catchiest theme in the entire game. I also thought the missles were hard enough to be a challenge, but not insanely cheap like the oobs or eyes of hell.

Worst: The rapture.
I just don't like the gravity manipulators. They make no sense, and never work the way they were meant to. The rest of the rapture was decent, but simply over-using these ouweighed the good.
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