CasualGamer Jul 1 @ 8:49pm
How can I tell if a warp zone was already beaten?

I own this game for a while and even managed to get to the last light world in the past, but I dropped it for a year or so. Recently I decided to come back, but now I am struggling with a problem: i do not know which warp zones were beaten before and which weren't. Is there a way to distinguish them on the map?

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Blurwald Jul 1 @ 9:35pm 
On the stats bar (at the bottom when you're at the map) there will be two bandages on the edge to the right if you've collected them. I don't think simply completing a warp zone counts towards your completion %, it's all about the bandages
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CasualGamer Jul 1 @ 10:29pm 
Thanks. That is exactly what I was looking.
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