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Machinarium Walkthrough
by Caesar
Walkthrough of Quest Game Machinarium. Developed by Amanita Desighn (ENGLISH+SCREENSHOTS). Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure game that is somewhat different than your traditional adventure game. What sets it apart from other adventure games is ...
Machinarium. Полное прохождение [видео+скриншоты] (+ENG) [video+screenshots]
by pavlenty xv
Прохождение игры. Walkthrough....
Steam Overlay Not Working? Try This.
by dusty_thoreau
Something I realized while playing Machinarium....
[FR] La Solution Complète
by Prince William
Découvrez comment venir à bout des énigmes de Machinarium ! Et en français !...
First 3 Levels
by savaka
This is a walkthrough guide for the first 3 levels of Machinarium. It might be helpful for people who want a guide for the free demo of Machinarium, or it could just be used for the first 3 levels....
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