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Wartile  [developer] Sep 7, 2016 @ 6:32am
Tell us what you think !
Tell us about your game experience, its really rewarding for us the developers to hear about your experience with the game, but it also helps us understand how the game works and play from your perspective.
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*OCB* BavMotWork Sep 9, 2016 @ 4:51pm 
The game ran really well for me on high settings at 1920x1080.

Windows 8.1 64 bit
AMD FX-8120 at 3.6 Mhz
AMD HD7870 2GB

I've never played a tabletop game that is RTS. It was an interesting experience, but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I'm anxious to see how the game evolves. I haven't gotten to try multiplayer. I did attempt to join, but I only waited 4 minutes or so. I will try again sometime.
maulet Sep 10, 2016 @ 11:27am 
hello, I have been playing this morning for 30 minutes. I have missed more explanation in the combat: i don't know exactly how it works, or if perhaps there is flank bonus (for example) or not.

Graphics and atmosphere, both ok.
Rako Sep 10, 2016 @ 2:31pm 
(First of all, please excuse my lack in english as not my mother language)
Congratulations to the Devs, i am sure this game will be a top hit exit.
It´s amazing, really impressive graphics (i mean it is like playing a wargame over an scenary with painted figures).
The movement and combat is original, i guess never saw something like this, a mix of real time-turn based game. it keep all your attention there.

I will buy it as soon it will be realeased or in early access.

meltdown Oct 1, 2016 @ 4:05am 
Hook up a game key and I will gladly give it a run through the paces and tell you what I think! As soon as I saw this title I got excited!

So far from released media it looks amazing, can't comment on gameplay though. GL devs!
GeneralGonzo Oct 7, 2016 @ 1:15am 
Ok. So I played the alpha now in a 1st run. It took me around 3/4 hour to complete all 4 (or 5?) single player scenarios of the alpha. After that, only a multiplayer scenario is available, which I couldn´t test since noone´s there to join a game.
My remarks:
- nice graphics: the map and especially the figurines look amazing considering it´s an indie game. It fits perfect into a board game look!
- movement: i had my doubts about the real time feature, but in this game it is solved very clever and fits perfectly into the gameplay
- heights and flanking are important factors in battle so positioning of units is essential
- the viking / norman scenario is something, I really like
- very stable engine: i had no technical problems with the alpha nor i had graphic glitches or similar things. Very honorable for an alpha release.

- the cards seem not to fit into the game - at least in the alpha. Why using cards, if you could give the different characters similar abilities corresponding to their classes? I.e. a brute (berserker?) could have the strength boost as ability. Maybe a wider test with more maps and cards could give more insight here.
- Money? I couldn´t figure out what´s money for, but I think it´s just not implemented to buy any things between the missions.
- map size in the alpha is a bit small. You won´t take longer than 15 minutes for a map right now. I would love having larger areas here.
- the world map between the scenarios could need some tweaks. It falls back in comparison to the graphics in the scenarios. The briefs of the menu should also be changed.
- the tutorial with the cards and shapes laying around the first map are a nice idea, but they can confuse newbies of such genres. A more straight forward tutorial with texts fading in and out (classic) would be better

- the difficulty is a joke at the moment. As wargamer it wasn´t a problem to solve all missions without any losses. Too few enemies which are easily beaten. More difficulty settings are a must. This one would be rated under "easy" from me
- the AI plays not very clever. Instead of using narrow passages or higher ground, you can lure them into a position of your advantage which makes fights very easy
- the UI needs more love. Icons representing character stats are much too small. In addition explanations also for enemies when hovering over them are a must.
- the different classes of the playable characters are too similar. I only found the spearman with a range of 2 playing a bit different. The other 3 classes just differt from movemnt and health in my eyes. Make them more different in their roles, so the player has to think more which warrior to take for which task.
- What are the axes for, I found in some chests? They don´t seem to play any role yet

So far my experiences. I hope you could add some more scenarios for testing.

Wartile  [developer] Oct 9, 2016 @ 1:53am 
Thanks for the detailed feedback it is very useful for us. I am just going to leave a few answers on some of your points that we already are working on.
  • We are planning to implement a blacksmith/shop where players can go and spend their looted money on new equipment or other types of goods.
  • Battle boards are designed to have a general playtime of around 15 minutes, as we like them to deliver an “short” and isolated challenge. We are however already implementing optional quest cards on the boards that will work like a difficulty setting, meaning they can be harder to complete, that also will increase playtime of each board if the player chooses to solve them.
  • We know the difficulty is really easy at the moment and we are adjusting the Hillside & Coastline battle boards as we speak to deliver you guys a true challenge.
  • We are still tweaking the different classes, right now the player can to some degree customize the figurines by choosing stats, ability cards and equipment to fit a certain role.
  • Equipment looted in the battle boards are added to your equipment in the unit management scene. Most equipment still need a good balancing we are working on this.
GeneralGonzo Oct 11, 2016 @ 1:12am 
Alright, that sounds good. Any idea when a new alpha release is planned with the described features included?
COV Jan 13, 2017 @ 3:47pm 
Loved it! really nice aesthetics and a satisfying gameplay. The only problem i have is the difficulty, you guys really should implement other difficulty levels for the final version.
Spagna Jan 13, 2017 @ 4:17pm 
I don't know if it is a bug or what but in the monastry level every enemy in the lower part of the level attack my group when i start. And it's very very hard to defeat them, nearly impossible. Is that a bug or what? Next time i open the game i can send you some pics.
Wartile  [developer] Jan 13, 2017 @ 5:03pm 
Hi Guys, its actually not a bug, the last Coastline board is really hard, even for us. We have done some balancing of all the equipment and the English soldiers with iron shields and helmets turned out the be really rough, and we chose to leave them like that. But its to hard we agree.

Regarding the difficulty levels, we expect to implement secondary objective cards on the Battle boards that you can choose to complete if you want more challenge. Just like the boats that needs to be smashed at the Lost Norse battle board.
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Spagna Jan 14, 2017 @ 6:50am 
Oh ok thank ;) I try some more times...
Rusty Shackleford Jan 14, 2017 @ 3:30pm 
As a person who always wanted to get into table top war gaming but never found the time to learn ( or paint all those damn minis :D ) I was really excited to hear about Wartile. I have barely had a chance to play it but from what I have I think you guys are on the right track. The game's visuals are stunning. I did have one wierd bug when starting the second level where my guys wouldn't spawn. So I had to sit through 2 or 3 kill screens before the game finally placed my pawns.

I thought of a couple of suggestions from what I've played so far. It would be nice if there was an option to play a turn based style. I was really taken back by the fast paced rts style game and wasn't expecting it. Maybe there could be a 'table top mode' that would slow the game down a bit. I'd like to be able to think about my moves a little more.

The cards. Still on the fence about this. I found thier use a bit clunky at times. A thought would be to maybe have the cards pop up above a charater once you click on them. to make it easier to activate cards and to keep you from having to jump to the botom of the screen. Cards that affect enimies could pop up above them when the enemy is clicked.

Damage. I'd like to see how much damage I am doing to an enemy unit. I know thier center circle shrinking is their health, but I have no idea what that value represents. Maybe some numbers coming off them when they are hit?

Being a beginer at table top and just reading some of the comments here Im assuming there is some kind of bonus to a unit that is on higher ground? If so some indication that you are receiving a bonus might help you pick the best approach ( if this exists im sorry). Also I thought if you fail the mission it would be cool if the game told you why your strategy failed. IE you forgot to heal your character or an enemy was on higher ground and out positioned you.
Noraxthuul Jan 15, 2017 @ 2:40am 
Very nice job, i would love to see more unit and item depth.
obliviondoll Jan 24, 2017 @ 6:15pm 
I have only very early impressions - had a short time to quickly run through some things, and found a (probably minor) issue. I've so far only been able to play the tutorial/intro mission. This is not because of the game itself, but my own lack of time to spend on the game.

Running the game in 1080p on my laptop (relatively capable for a laptop, i7 2.8GHz, 16GB RAM, NVidia 780m), I have serious framerate issues. Many games with more detailed graphics, on higher settings, run smoother. The framerate was low enough that selecting and using cards was difficult.

I also confirmed the game was actually running on the NVidia card (the laptop's on-board card is set up to NOT take precedence, but I've encountered a few games in the past which had issues with that). I had EVERYTHING set to minimum settings, except the resolution. I frequently test other games on my on-board card, disabling the 780m, and get better performance than I saw here.

With that said, it DOESN'T seem to be so bad that I'd expect it to be anything but a normal pre-release lack of optimisation, but it's probably something to keep in mind. More importantly, the actual gameplay - at least what I saw of it so far - is REALLY awesome. And even with the janky fps, the animations look cool and appropriate for the setting. The graphics are pretty, and the free zoom in and out feels very player-friendly.

Overall, I'm really glad I get the chance to try it out, and wish I had more time to spend with it. I'm definitely going to be experimenting with settings to try and improve performance, and I'm really excited for what comes next.
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Wartile  [developer] Jan 27, 2017 @ 11:43am 
Hi Thanks for letting us know about your technical "issues" we will look into it. Reports like this help us understand how the game runs on different types of hardware.
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