AI War: Fleet Command

AI War: Fleet Command

Vyndicu Feb 24, 2013 @ 12:26am
45k Dark Spire starships in the Galaxy
My game is laggingpretty bad on my 6 core cpu (Especially if AI is spawning tons of attackers).

AI keep spawning exo-galaxy dark spire fleet but they get rofl stomped barely two wormhole hops from the nearest warp gate. I have at least about 4-5 solar systems in 3 direction fully saturated with dark spire starships.

Even one homeworld is under constant attack by dark spire which in turn accomplish nothing each time.

I manage to get a fort hold in a dark spire generator system. It is spawning 100 starship each once in awhile. I have 40 neinzul (don't ask) guardian and dyson sphere ships. So I am not worried about defending but I can't push out at all. I have 3 golems but only one can fight dark spire. Hive golem can't spawn wasp fast enough to take them down >>.

The reason I am asking for help is because without being able to push out for a 5th spire city hub. I can't figure out a way to end this 12 hour game.
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Dr Jan Itor Mar 1, 2013 @ 3:04am 
Is your game modded? Because the Vengence Gens should only trigger after combat in system. (fav tactic of mine is cloak carrier-ing ~1000 ships to a deep AI world with one, and then deleteing them, letting the dark spire rip the AI a new one while I start my push on the border)

The only thing I can suggest without having a savegame to look into is loading MK IV Bombers into cloak carriers to bypass the DSpire territory and popping the guard posts in several passes. You can upload it and ask for advice on the Arcengames forums, generally a few crazy ideas floating around there that may help.
Vyndicu Mar 1, 2013 @ 10:42am 
I already have considered using carriers but the biggest problem is actually neutral factions sitting in a dark spire planet always spawning neinzul drones and expires. Plus it is the only good place I can stop an exo-galactic force. There is one solar system I have under observation and it has 5k dark spire "patrol" on a hub connecting 7 other AI worlds that are apparently under siege by them. If I try to push out then it could burn what little force I can bring up.

Also for save game I upload one that is 15 min later with even more dark spire ships on the arcean forums. The funny part is dark spire spawning on my world is actually under control but it just happens that there are about 6-7 dark spire under AI control that are running rampant through out the galaxy. I even considered using nukes *mostly emp ones* to push AIP up to tech 4 or 5.,12532.0.html
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