Ai May 3 @ 5:52pm
how to use the *batch auto-explore* command exatly?
Im probably dumb, but i can't figure out how to use this.
I know theres the tooltip saying how, but its just not woring for me.

Id like a step per step on how to actuallty use this.

Thanks in advance.
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Josh "Spikey00" Y. May 3 @ 7:19pm 
Batch auto-explore? If I am correct, it's in the context menu.

Click on a scout, hold ALT and click anywhere. It should be there along with a bunch of other useful functions like donating resources to other players in a multiplayer game, and have science vessels automatically harvest intelligence from planets.
Ai May 3 @ 10:36pm 
Never known about that particular command...its actually extremely helpfull now that i know its there. xD

Well, by *batch auto-explore* i mean, according to the ingame info panel, you can make a factory dedicated to scouts to auto-build em and send em exploring by themselfs, this is what i tried to do, but failed.

Still, that alt command may actually be better.

Thanks alot for your quick responce! Id enjoy the game even more now that i know the alt command exist lol.
Michelle Obama's Penis May 26 @ 7:51pm 
~330 hours in and I had no clue about it either. Anyways, if it does what it says it does I'm not surprised it isn't working as expected; Tachyon Guard Posts are stationed at practically all worm holes starting (I believe) at difficulty 6+ which removes the cloaking ability of scouts and scouts usually go down in a hit (especially since, it likely being alone, the enemy's collective army will fire upon it in unison once discovered). This makes scouting beyond a single hop (one wormhole off from the planet that it is being sent from) nearly impossible unless you use some crafty tricks. The idea is clearly to destroy the Tachyon guards to allow for safe scouting but what I tend to do is, early in the game when it is effective and I have a large allowance of scouts, send say all 20 of my scout 1s in a group to their target. A few will get taken down but they can usually make it ~4 hops in an early to mid game of difficulty 7s and then once the group reaches the destination and say three survive I'd delete two and just leave one to keep watch on the planet. All the planets they hop through will be scouted (for the most part) in regards to particular structures but you will lose the unit count of stationed in the planet and the ability to view the units within it. This means you can make educated guesses as to how much heat you'd take on the planet based off of AIP and the level of the planet. This could hurt you in regards to threat of course and the concept sounds a little cheap but trust me, if it is allowed to be done, Arcen expects you to do it and abuse it.
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