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mr.ioes 2014年4月27日 9時41分
How to kill those spiral clusters?
Just started a new game. 1 planet adjacent. Has design backup server. I download spiral clusters. AI responds by sending pretty much nothing to my home planet but keeps all 32 spiral clusters on their planet. I managed to kamikaze their command center, there's pretty much no buildings on their planet anymore but those 32 clusters.

I can't kill them. There doesn't seem to be anything to counter them.

I snuck engineers + mobile builder via cloak ship to set up a baes and quick defense, but it wastes so much time + ressources, there has to be a proper way to kill off spiral clusters.

Rail clusters are all mark 3 (wtf why?).

Ideas please.
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onyhow 2014年4月30日 0時23分 
...what spiral cluster? Sorry, I really have no idea...
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