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How to install mods for Supreme Commander 2
by Gravelord Nito
This is the easy way to install mods for Supreme Commander 2. (Which also happens to be the only way I know :P)...
Redarrow's Guide to Standard Build Orders
by (MM) :: redarrow
***WATCH OUT, THIS GUIDE WAS MADE FOR V1.25. IT COULD BE HEAVILY OUTDATED DUE TO THE NEW PATCHING*** Advanced guide on (1v1) Build orders for the popular map "Open Palms". Though this guide is quite good for a lot of other maps as well. This guide i...
| ÁM | • You ☜㋡'s DLC Guide
by | ÁM | • You ☜㋡
This is a basic guide for: Supreme Commander 2 DLC: Infinite War Battle Pack V1.26 Hello, My Steam name is 'You ☜㋡' I am making a basic guide for beginners that struggle to survive in Surpeme Commander 2 DLC: Infinite War Battle Pack V1.26 *NOTI...
Basic Unit Roles.
by Duke Wintermaul
'This is my Perspective on units in Supreme commander 2. This will describe roles units have in combat.' Author Duke Wintermaul. Edited by The You ☜㋡ Noob...
SupCom 2 Basics and advance Move
by ナウシカ
This video guide will show the basics for Supreme Commander 2; basic air and land micro, build orders, game settings, ect. Sadly, the community is not very good, so if you just started playing it's hard to find help and most average players just play stac...
Basic tips for staying alive.
by Loki's Leopard
This is a little guide, not much, by me, for tips on staying alive, kinda explains itself. Anything i have underlined is what i think is the most important....