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Garry's mod | GmodPlayBot
door XeonChan #LuffU
GmodPlayBot, is a program that can run Garry's Mod. And Gain you Playtime, in servers or gamewise Takes bearly no ram nor memory. Very easy to use. And instant Support or help. Weekly updates, berhaps even daily. -Coded by XeonChan ~As much as our s...
The Saga of Revolution
door Amsel :D
The triumph of the Revolution, and its march to free Garry's Mod from spam.
How To Be A REAL MLG Master
door Melon Ogrelord
Have you ever wanted to be the ultimate FaZe lord? Then this guide is for you!...
How to annoy admins "accidentally" on TTT!!!
door [ΩRαS]Vixey1224 Da Vixen
I'm sorry Yentim!!!...
How To Micspam
door Jordan
This guide will teach you how to mic spam on any game/program that involves using a microphone. You can always use HLDJ , but it only works for Counter-Strike:Source as far as I'm aware. While this works for every program involving a microphone. This guid...
door Unusual Crow
My second guide after the first slightly popular one was banned....
How 2 Be da good player in gm0d
door WheATz
1 : Join da fkn server 2 : ask da admin 2 ban diz kiddo 3 : Profit? ( Edit : If Not Work Try Another Server )...
How to prepare for the upcoming workshop changes.
door Mole
Go to your library, right click Garry's Mod. Delete Local content. Enjoy!...
How to make Steam nerds butt hurt
door LiL Wayne Nigga
First you must understand the autism: To understand the autism coming from these nerds you must first have empathy for these creatures. Your going to have to go in deep to figure out the autistic people from the sane nerds. By doing this you must go arou...
Half LIfe 2 RP Guide
door EGC | RtBS #Ribs
A simple guide for the simple people in the Half Life 2 RP world. This will be a fairly easy...ish guide to read so yeah. ...