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Dynamic Lighting Problem
Alright vets i got a quick q for you so i can get back to this scenebuild.

im on that lustyleapord bar map making a scene... utilizing quite a bit of lamps, around at least 12.

only 2 things are casting dynamic shadows. the rest aren't, yes i checked to see that other lamps were not lighting the areas in which i wanted certain shadows to be seen.

the question is, if i rebuild cubemaps will that just process the dynamic shadows since the lamps will stay where they are?

also the original shadows were present the FIRST time i was making the scenebuild. but now after i have fired gmod back up and loaded the save. they are not.

also if this helps im also using these Con Commands:
r_shadowcolor 255 255 255
mat_depthbias_shadowmap 0.00001
mat_slopescaledepthbias_shadowmap 2
r_projectedtexture_filter 0.8
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gmod is being a lil unresponsive atm and im unable to check myself.
이마 (Forehead) Aug 13, 2013 @ 12:07pm 
i tried, but it didnt do anything
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