Horus Feb 9 @ 1:38am
"Disconnect: Server uses different class tables."
I get this error on every server I try now.
I have the game fully updated, I verified the cache several times, and I even reinstalled the entire game, and I still get this error and am unable to join any servers.

Does anyone else get this problem after recent updates?
Is there a solution to fix this or is it a problem with all the servers not being updated yet?

(And if your server isn't updated, come on, update your servers already, people, it doesn't take long.)
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If it would the server being outdated, it should say "Server uses an older version of the game". The class tables thing can be because of your internet connection being a bit screwed up.
Have you installed any addons since this problem?
I had the same problem a long time ago, but it was only with a few servers, and it fixed by itself over time.
Horus Feb 9 @ 2:14am 
SInce it last worked I didn't use any addons, but I think the first server that had a problem had some addons that downloaded when connecting. It didn't happen until after an update though. But I suppose I should make a second install without addons to see if it works (I'll just rename the gmod folder temporarily and install alongside it).
Horus Feb 9 @ 2:44am 
huh, still having the problem... If my internet connection is the problem then I wonder what's wrong with it. I have no problem connecting to servers for other source engine games.
Awesomeleafs Feb 9 @ 7:22am 
This is due to the fact that your gmod is probaly the dev version and the server has not yet updated so it has different class tables.
CamDaMan (ApertureRP) Feb 9 @ 10:26am 
Your version is the Dev version. I had that problem. Just change your version back to the old version.
Horus Feb 9 @ 12:24pm 
Wow, you guys were right. Thanks!
Awesomeleafs Feb 10 @ 8:19am 
np dude have fun!
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