Superiorsound Jul 10, 2014 @ 3:58pm
Gamemode Lua Help :)
Hi, im making a gamemode from scratch and was scripting vehicles.
I ran into problems with them, on my APC Vehicle the view is messd up and is underneath it.
On my Bathtub seat (just as a joke but i want to actually make this) the physics arent right
the Class = "prop_vehcile_jeep", this is causing physics errors, and their isnt any lua files for chairs so im not sure how to make one, so i just edit my APC vehicle scripts.
Also in the weapons category, i was trying to add ironsights to the weapons, but that was a failed atempt.
Also Entities, such as storage device, and also a custom Ammo Type Entity for the weapons.
If you'd like to see my scripts, then ill post them.
Any help from Lua Geniuses would be awesome.
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