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Terminal Velocity Achievement with details
tekijältä MechaLynx
Details on how to get the 'Terminal Velocity' achievement (fall 30k feet) including screenshots and alternate methods....
How To Easily Kill GLaDOS
tekijältä CaptainStarz547
This is how to beat GLaDOS very easily....
Tout Portal - Vidéos des salles (Walkthroughs)
tekijältä Spirit.D1ceWard
C'est un guide vidéo de portal ! Il apporte la solution de toutes les salles du jeu et le positionnement des caméras et des radios qui permettent de débloquer des succès !...
Aperture Science Achievement Cheating Guide
tekijältä PetTechGuy
This achievement is no doubt impossible to unlock for most people, but if you want to get them by any means necessary without any third-party programs, this video will show you how to do it. This method only works on Windows & Mac and enabling developer c...
The World of Science : A Basic Plotline for Portal
tekijältä Dr. Klowner
The following text contains spoilers . This is a basic plot outline for those who are confused by the goings-on in the Enrichment Center. Aperture Laboratories is a science company which, among other inventions created the A...
Portal | Least amount of Portals - Imanex
tekijältä Not Imanex
Wondering what the least amount of portals is for every level? This is going to be a guide that is going to show how to get the least amount of portals in every level. This may involve advanced techniques that some people cant acomplish but some may inv...
Portal: Prelude (Pepaco)
tekijältä Pepaco
Guía completa de Portal: Prelude por Pepaco ( youtube/user/mrwizardpepe )...
传送门 快速达成挑战成就指南
tekijältä +7
Disable Portal gore
tekijältä Webbanana
How to disable gore in portal or any other source game!...
Kamerascheu Achievement in 20 Minuten!
tekijältä raminator
Ich zege euch in diesem Guide wie ihr das "Kamerascheu" Achievement am schnellsten bekommt ohne das Spiel noch einmal durchzuspielen....
Factum Solus: Episode One - Прохождение с комментариями
tekijältä CyberCat
Мой вариант прохождения первого эпизода Factum Solus - пользовательского мода для Portal (играю с русскими субтитрами). > > > [url=
Portal Vocaloid Edition
tekijältä akinagi
Portal Vocaloid Editionの遊び方 一応エンディングまでみれたものの素人なので、絶対大丈夫とは断言出来ませんが。 ネットで調べても情報が見つからず、遊ぶのに苦労したので参考になれば...
Portal: Prelude - Прохождение с комментариями
tekijältä CyberCat
Моё прохождение Portal: Prelude - пользовательского мода для Portal. Ссылка на скачку мода (click ...
Český Portal Návod - Pokročilé Úrovně
tekijältä = Ṗ€₮€ⱤẌḌỖ₦ =
Tento návod vám ukáže, jak dohrát Pokročilé Úrovně....
Blue Portals - Прохождение с комментариями
tekijältä CyberCat
tekijältä Braixen
GMOD..... With a portal gun...
Portal Walkthrough in FINNISH
tekijältä Sinatra
1. Portal game completed with FINNISH commentary...
Chamberlock Fail
tekijältä Mix56
Chamberlock Fail in testchamber 09...
Portal (Pepaco)
tekijältä Pepaco
Guía completa de Portal por Pepaco ( youtube/user/mrwizardpepe )...
How to disable blood on Portal
tekijältä RYNO MAN
This guide will provide information on how to disable blood/gore on Portal. This guide will cover two different methods for disabling blood/gore on Portal. It also provides information about the console....
THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!
tekijältä VenomJoe
THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!! nuff said......
how to install old portal mods
tekijältä yuuutu
how to use "vocaloid edition models" in other mods
tekijältä yuuutu
vocaloid editionのプレイヤーやgladosのモデルを他のmodでも使えるようにする...
Portal Mods (Steampipe Patch)
tekijältä Flying rainbow poptart cat
Not so recently, a patch came out for all source games, known as the steampipe update. This update placed sources normal files to a .VPK and now the usual folders are empty. This has prevented the use of the Source SDK and most mods running off the game. ...
Portal - Видеопрохождение
tekijältä SLembas
Полное видеопрохождение Portal по тестовым камерам....
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