Selaa ja arvostele pelaajien luomia oppaita tälle pelille, tai luo omasi ja jaa vinkkisi yhteisön kanssa.
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all easter eggs in portal
tekijältä AnthoChainSaw
Portal - Guide des succès
tekijältä Shiryu™
Guide pour réaliser les succès ! Ma chaîne Youtube ...
Succès Portal | Français
tekijältä tumblr.
Besoin de succès? ...
Passage game +getting all achievements
tekijältä TroLL
This guide provides a video course pass of the game, as well as the passage of challenges and advanced maps. Also along the way you will find out what achievements you can get....
Console Commands, Trick for challenge maps, Camera Shy/Final Transmission location and more
tekijältä Ov3RT4K3R
Console Commands Trick for challenge maps Camera Shy locations Final Transmission locations Den locations and more...
Transmission Received Achievement
tekijältä lonerunner |
This guide is intended to help you easier find all transmissions and set them to their final location where they should receive transmission....
Прохождение игры +получение всех достижений
tekijältä TroLL
All the challenges
tekijältä Xorven
In this place, there are the videos and the objectives of Portal challenges. Achievements to unlock: Basic Science - Rocket Science - Aperture Science Practice is required to earn these achievements. Good viewing ;)...
Least Steps Challenges
tekijältä Jimo
I will demonstrate how you can complete all of the Least Steps challenges in Portal to work towards the Aperture Science Achievement....
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