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Portal (tips n' tricks - guia em português)
tekijältä prrg :3
Seja profissa e aprenda algumas técnicas!...
[60 fps]Portal Walkthrough With Secret Radio Signals
tekijältä 60 FPS
Dear Watcher; Thank you for visiting my guide. You will not be disappointment. :) Here is full walkthrough of Deadlight. This walkthrough is 1080p-60fps and without commentary. If you like my guides, you can: -[url=
Выполняем достижение "Застенчивый".
tekijältä echoplex
Здравствуйте! В этом руководстве я подробно опишу, как выполнить достижение "Застенчивый"....
tekijältä Gomo Psivarh
这篇指南可以帮助你快速查看每一关的摄像机和收音机个数及目标进度,用于达成 接收讯息 和 拒绝拍照 这两个成就。...
Portal (guia em português - achievements)
tekijältä prrg :3
Precisa de ajuda com os achievements, vamos ver......
Complete Walkthrough
tekijältä Mach1ne
The Complete Walkthrough of the game in about 45 minutes....
Portal (guia em português - story mode)
tekijältä prrg :3
Guia em português da campanha de Portal com texto e vídeo! Outros guias relacionados a série Portal e mods em Modified Device ...
All Challenge Maps Walkthrough
tekijältä Mach1ne
In this Guide i will show how to complete All Challenge Maps....
Гайд по достижениям в Portal [RUS]
tekijältä Don't move, bitch!
How to bake a cake
tekijältä Festive Anal
Perfect for birthdays, this is a great recipe for an easy, foolproof chocolate cake. It’s moist and fudgy and will keep well for 4-5 days....
Weapon Cheats Guide!
This guide will suprise you of how many weapons there is in Portal! You will need to know how to open up the developer console....
Passing all Chambers (Walkthroughs)
tekijältä Paul the Bassist
This guide will be showing all my walkthrough's for Portal that i have posted on youtube and on Steam....
How to beat GLaDOS
tekijältä Bob's Leg
In a nutshell, this is a basic guide on how to beat the one and only boss in the game, GLaDOS, along with getting the achievement, Heartbreaker. This is a very simple guide for people who have questions about how to beat GLaDOS. Soooo.... Enjoy!...
How To: Terminal Velocity and Long Jump
tekijältä Paul the Bassist
How To: Get the achievements Long Jump and Terminal Velocity....
Получаем всё достижения в игре Portal
tekijältä Marik78
The Portal Series Storyline (Spoilers)
tekijältä Renato Lopes
This is a guide about my opinion on the storyline of the portal. It's just a opinion, don't judge....
Portal - Видеопрохождение
tekijältä SLembas
Полное видеопрохождение Portal по тестовым камерам....
Portal // Get the classic portal textures
tekijältä ᴿᴱᴻᴱ™
How to get the classic portal textures...
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