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Weapon Cheats Guide!
This guide will suprise you of how many weapons there is in Portal! You will need to know how to open up the developer console....
Получаем всё достижения в игре Portal
od Marik78
Portal complete, all in one video with set menu !
od XenDave
The set menu is a mighty help to find fast a chamber you looking for. Enjoy !...
Прохождения бонусных карт на кол-во шагов
od Extragamer
Transmission Received Achievement
od lonerunner |
This guide is intended to help you easier find all transmissions and set them to their final location where they should receive transmission....
Прохождение бонусных карт на время
od Extragamer
Для того чтобы выполнить эти 3 достижения в Portal: 1)Основы науки - Закончить все испытания с бронзовыми медалями. 2)Настоящий учёный [/...
Console Commands, Trick for challenge maps, Camera Shy/Final Transmission location and more
od Ov3RT4K3R
Console Commands Trick for challenge maps Camera Shy locations Final Transmission locations Den locations and more...
Прохождение бонусных карт на кол-во порталов
od Extragamer
Passage game +getting all achievements
od TroLL
This guide provides a video course pass of the game, as well as the passage of challenges and advanced maps. Also along the way you will find out what achievements you can get....
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