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Portal (Pepaco)
by Pepaco
Guía completa de Portal por Pepaco ( youtube/user/mrwizardpepe )...
Гайд по достижениям в Portal [RUS]
by This_is_Pizdec
How to disable blood on Portal
This guide will provide information on how to disable blood/gore on Portal. This guide will cover two different methods for disabling blood/gore on Portal. It also provides information about the console....
THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!
by VenomJoe
THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!! nuff said......
how to install old portal mods
by yuuutu
how to use "vocaloid edition models" in other mods
by yuuutu
vocaloid editionのプレイヤーやgladosのモデルを他のmodでも使えるようにする...
Portal Mods (Steampipe Patch)
by [BB] Will Smith
Not so recently, a patch came out for all source games, known as the steampipe update. This update placed sources normal files to a .VPK and now the usual folders are empty. This has prevented the use of the Source SDK and most mods running off the game. ...
Portal - Видеопрохождение
by SLembas
Полное видеопрохождение Portal по тестовым камерам....
How To: Terminal Velocity and Long Jump
by APDAT Owner Jimmy
How To: Get the achievements Long Jump and Terminal Velocity....
Passing all Chambers (Walkthroughs)
by APDAT Owner Jimmy
This guide will be showing all my walkthrough's for Portal that i have posted on youtube and on Steam....
How to bake a cake
by Xx_SpOoKySkElInGtOnS_xX
Perfect for birthdays, this is a great recipe for an easy, foolproof chocolate cake. It’s moist and fudgy and will keep well for 4-5 days....
Complete Walkthrough
by Mach1ne
The Complete Walkthrough of the game in about 45 minutes....
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