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The advanced chambers (glitches and shortcuts)
by Xorven
There's a little guide about the advanced test chambers. Achievements to unlock : Cupcake - Fruitcake - Vanilla crazy cake Good viewing ! ...
Rattmann Den Locations (Including Secret 6th Chamber)
by ♡ raine.
This guide will show you all 6 Rattmann Dens In Portal!...
FIX for Achievements that did not unlock
by Calmly Frenetic
What to do when completed Portal achievements don't show as unlocked on Steam....
Long Jump Achievement
by Remi
How to get the Long Jump achievement in Portal....
Гайд по достижениям в Portal [RUS]
by Kuplinov
Всем привет, я поясню вам как получить все достижения в Portal. В этом мне помог сайт: http://squarefaction.ru/game/portal/articles/8062-dostizheniya. Надеюсь этот гайд оказался для вас полезным и он вам понравится....
Terminal Velocity Achievement
by Senppuu
Keep falling for about 5min and you will get the "Terminal Velocity" achievement! :) ...
(60fps) Portal + All Secret Radio Signals + Long Jump Achievement
by Ragarnol
Portal 1 Game Walkthrough with All Secret Radio Signals and Long Jump Achievement. Walkthrough recorded at 1080p 60fps....
Portal - Osiągnięcia
by Kudłaty
Poradnik do osiągnięć w grze Portal. Po polsku. Jeśli zauważyłeś jakiś błąd, brak czegoś, albo masz screena, lub film, który można umieścić w tym poradniku napisz. Jeśli chcesz mi podziękować, możesz [url=https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partne...
How to break Portal
by Zackinblack
The cake is a lie... the cake is a lie... the cake is a lie!! or...is it really? what if i told you, there's a way to get to the cake room + break the game from just doing something! If you're hooked check out the guide!...
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