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Transmission Received Video Guide
by N1PhANtoM
Guide contains all locations of radio and signals....
Portal - Complete Walkthrough
by Khonziel
Complete walkthrough in a single video....
Portal: Prelude - Complete Walkthrough
by Khonziel
Complete walkthrough in a single video....
How to disable blood on Portal
This guide will provide information on how to disable blood/gore on Portal. This guide will cover two different methods for disabling blood/gore on Portal. It also provides information about the console....
Rattmann Den Locations (Including Secret 6th Chamber)
by ♡ bleh
This guide will show you all 6 Rattmann Dens In Portal!...
Portal - Osiągnięcia
by Kudłaty
Poradnik do osiągnięć w grze Portal. Po polsku. Jeśli zauważyłeś jakiś błąd, brak czegoś, albo masz screena, lub film, który można umieścić w tym poradniku napisz. Jeśli chcesz mi podziękować, możesz [url=
Portal - Guide des succès
by Shiryu™
Guide pour réaliser les succès ! ...
The advanced chambers (glitches and shortcuts)
by Xorven
There's a little guide about the advanced test chambers. Achievements to unlock : Cupcake - Fruitcake - Vanilla crazy cake Good viewing ! ...
All the challenges
by Xorven
In this place, there are the videos and the objectives of Portal challenges. Achievements to unlock: Basic Science - Rocket Science - Aperture Science Practice is required to earn these achievements. Good viewing ;)...
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