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How to get all the cores off of GLaDOS at once
by Spooky Cat
A 3 step guide how to get all of GLaDOS's cores off of her at once with a machien gun....
How to break Portal
by Zackinblack
The cake is a lie... the cake is a lie... the cake is a lie!! or...is it really? what if i told you, there's a way to get to the cake room + break the game from just doing something! If you're hooked check out the guide!...
Logro: Tímidez Patológica
by Garkenful | tipofthehats.org
Muy buenos días, tardes o noches, comunidad latina de Portal, en esta ocasión, les traigo una guía, explicando mediante capturas de pantalla, como conseguir el logro de Portal, denominado como 'Tímidez patológica'. Sin más preámbulos, vamos con la guía.....
Portal: Prelude - Прохождение с комментариями
by CyberCat
Моё прохождение Portal: Prelude - пользовательского мода для Portal. Ссылка на скачку мода (click to download this mod) ...
by Gomo Psivarh
这篇指南可以帮助你快速查看每一关的摄像机和收音机个数及目标进度,用于达成 接收讯息 和 拒绝拍照 这两个成就。...
FIX for Achievements that did not unlock
by Calmly Frenetic
What to do when completed Portal achievements don't show as unlocked on Steam....
all easter eggs in portal
by AnthoChainSaw
Rattmann Den Locations (Including Secret 6th Chamber)
by ♡ raine.
This guide will show you all 6 Rattmann Dens In Portal!...
Transmission Received Video Guide
by N1PhANtoM
Guide contains all locations of radio and signals....
How to bake a cake
by Fedora
Perfect for birthdays, this is a great recipe for an easy, foolproof chocolate cake. It’s moist and fudgy and will keep well for 4-5 days....
Получаем все достижения в игре Portal
by Marik78
Гайд о достижениях в Portal. Как можно получить всё достижения. Также я снял видео для вас. Смотрите и читайте как можно получить то или другое достижение. ...
Every challenges
by Xorven
Languages available : English, 简体中文, 繁體中文, Français, Deutsch, Polski, Русский, Español, Türkçe....
Passage game +getting all achievements
by TroLL
This guide provides a video course pass of the game, as well as the passage of challenges and advanced maps. Also along the way you will find out what achievements you can get....
Camera Shy (with screenshots)
by Mister Jarate
No description, numbers only...
Прохождение игры +получение всех достижений
by TroLL
В этом руководстве содержится видеокурс прохождения всей игры, а также прохождение головоломок и усложненных камер. Также попутно вы сможете узнать, какие достижения вы можете получить....
Console Commands, Trick for challenge maps, Camera Shy/Final Transmission location and more
by Ov3RT4K3R
Console Commands Trick for challenge maps Camera Shy locations Final Transmission locations Den locations and more...
Transmission Received Achievement
by lonerunner
This guide is intended to help you easier find all transmissions and set them to their final location where they should receive transmission....
Least Portals Challenges
by Jimo
I will demonstrate how you can complete all of the Least Portals challenges in Portal to work towards the Aperture Science Achievement....
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