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Challenge tasks done with cheats (Still gives achievment medals)
by TryHardGamer
Cheat for achievement challenge tasks using only console This is a way to get the Portal challenge achievements with a cheat but here's the twist, it doesn't disable achievements! This method uses the ent_fire command in console. If you do not know how t...
Important Information on Camera Shy
by Budman
Important information that I would have liked to easily have when working on this Achievement....
Übermittlung empfangen / Kamerascheu Errungenschaft
by Markus
Für Leute, die die Achievements selbst machen wollen und nur eine Übersicht brauchen. Habe keine im Internet gefunden. (Bei den Radios die Stelle der Kammer suchen, wo der Empfang schlecht ist bis ein Signal kommt und das Licht des Radios grün wird. Kam...
Portal walkthrough en Español
by The Punisher
Guia completa de Portal 1 (Realizada por alguien que lo juega por primera vez)...
Portal: Prelude - Advanced chambers
by Xorven
Hello guys, I noticed that nobody have created a guide about this, so I decided to make it. In the videos, I used absolutely no glitch at all. Good luck ;)...
Консольные команды
by misterandreyka
Это руководство я пишу, потому что не нашёл нормального русского (и даже английского) руководства про команды консоли....
Fix main menu & subtitles [Portal 2 style]
by MonsterGod
New main menu & subtitles in Portal 2 style...
Исправление меню и субтитров [Portal 2 style]
by MonsterGod
Новое главное меню и субтитры в стиле Portal 2...
Portal - Swirl Portals / Trailer Portals
by Suicide Mouse
This guide show you how to Install the Swirl / Original Portals to your Portal game....
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