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Quadsquad99 2013年10月5日上午9:41
Creepy Voice in chamber 09 Is it Normal?
I was playing on chamber 9 trying to get the transmission recived achevment and i grabbed the radio and it accidently went into the fizzler and i heard a loud creepy static voice screm "GET OUT" I then preceded to cry soflty in fear...is this proggramed into the game or did i buy some haunted copie off of steam?
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Mub 2013年10月8日下午10:52 
It's part of an ARG that was placed to announce portal 2

all radios carry a secret message if you use certain things with them or take them certain places
Mike Samson 2013年10月9日下午2:27 
the radio does not always sound like a GET OUT! i just did the chamber a second time it said something else idk what it said
64M3_4DD1C7 2013年10月10日下午6:57 
I didn't know radios did that... Wow...
joeboy2274 2013年10月11日上午9:54 
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