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Lucky 2013年10月5日 6時45分
What if GLaDOS were male?
After listening to the J.C Still Alive mix on the Portal 2 soundtrack, I began wondering what Portal would have been like if GLaDOS had a normal, male voice. Imagine what the game would have been like if the player had believed that this 'GLaDOS' character talking to them throughout the game was an actual human being. What if a romantic interest would have developed between the player, a female, and a mysterious, charismatic male voice? Imagine the heartbreak when he tried to kill you or you found out that he was a robot the whole time , and then you had to kill him!
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G4M3_4DD1C7 2013年10月18日 14時01分 
I don't no how to reply to that other than no. Just no.
Gareth 2013年10月19日 10時13分 
Interesting idea! I don't know if you knew this, but Cave Johnson's assistant was originaly a male called Greg. They reused the concept for the PTI chambers, but if Greg was in the main game, story wise, it would have been Greg that was put into GLaDOS. But who knows? Maybe they already did that and Greg became the Announcer...oh my God...Greg is the Announcer!
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the Portaller 2013年10月19日 16時29分 
Not Valve's style.
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