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Thortok2000 Oct 4, 2013 @ 7:17pm
Portal Ringtone?
So I was looking for portal ringtones and found one that was a parody of the 'still alive' song. (If you look for it you can find it pretty easy if you want to hear or use it.)

I thought it would be interesting to write out words for the whole song instead of just the beginning of it. What do you think?


This is a phone call
I'm making a noise here, please pick up
If you don't I'll send it straight to voicemail
It could be important
It could be someone that you can't stand
For the good of all of us, why won't you pick up your phone?

But there's no sense crying over every missed call
They'll just keep on trying 'til you no longer stall
Then the talking gets done
And you won't have to run
From the people who are still online

You're not even busy
You're just listening to my song
Even though there's someone here
That's calling

And they are still waiting
And getting so, so bored right now
As they wait I laugh because
They are so patient for you!

Now the sound of ringing
Makes a beautiful sine
And I'm still singing
Cause they're waiting just fine

So I'm GlaD they have rung
So my song to sing I've sung
for the people who are
still online

Go ahead and leave them
By now they'd prefer to leave voicemail
Maybe they'll find someone else
To talk to

Maybe Black Mesa
That was a joke, ha ha, fat chance
Anyway this call is great
It's so ironic and sad

Look at you not talking
When they're calling for you
When I listen to them swear
it makes me GlaD I'm not you

I've got other calls to take
And a cake I've yet to bake
For your caller who is
still online

And believe me they are still online
They're still waiting and are still online
They're bored as heck and are still online
Are you dying? Cause they're still online
Or are you dead? Cause they're still online
Still online
Still online
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9:05 Oct 4, 2013 @ 9:51pm 
I like it.
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