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XeZrunner :) 2013. szept. 29. @ de. 12:32
Why is this happening?
When I edit a particle in Particle Editor, and I want to save, the game just closes (without hl2.exe crash window) How can I fix that?
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Mr. BrainFrost ヽ(◑‿◐)ノ 2013. okt. 1. @ de. 6:32 
Right Click On To The Game Then Click Properties>Local Files Then Click On The Game Cache. The Game Would Search For The Missing Files, And Replace/Download/Fix The Missing Game Contenent, And Errors. By The Way, Please Do Be CareFull If You Are Editing Around With The GameFiles, Because The Game Is CopyRighted, And You Could Possibly Be Mistaken For Stealing/Hacking/sharing Files.
Regards, decayman123
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XeZrunner :) 2013. okt. 1. @ de. 6:43 
Oh. BTW, I fixed it by adding -nop4. Anyway... I was not able to get the edited particles ingame...
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