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robertriod 2013 09 月 14 @ 10:07下午
Keeps freezing.
I haven't played for a while so I decided to play again. For some reason the game keeps freezing. Also the resolution looks different than I rember, Is any body else having this problem.
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Brawler 2013 09 月 16 @ 8:41上午 
Does the freeze come up with an error message? If this keeps happening, try to reinstall the game and then restart steam! That should do it, I hope! Btw good luck, let me know if this worked!
robertriod 2013 09 月 16 @ 5:12下午 
No error message. I'll try reinstalling. Thanks.
robertriod 2013 09 月 20 @ 9:42下午 
The reinstall didn't help. I'm trying to play through with the developer's commentary on. I wonder if I need to set this game to play in compatibility mode somehow?
decayman123 ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ 2013 10 月 1 @ 6:41上午 
hmm, try right clicking on the profile, then go to properties>Local Continent then Game Cache.
This would scan for missing/bugged files, and replace/download files.
Try this out, it should not take a long time, depending on how big the problem is.
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