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Tex the Tepig 2013年8月31日下午2:47
"Failed to load various sounds"
Most notacably GLaDOS' Lines.

May I have some help?

Yes. Some GLaDOS Sounds Play. I first discovered this in escape_02.
最后由 Tex the Tepig 编辑于; 2013年8月31日下午2:50
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Sergeant. BrainFrost [#HECU] 2013年10月1日上午6:52 
I know just the fix!
right click on the game, then click properties>Local Files, then Game Cache. This should scan/fix/download missing or bugged files.
Hope it works out for you!
Or if this for some reason wont work "which is like less then 0.5% then go to this site:
and download the missing sound file.
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